At the core of The Timmons Group is the valued belief that the energy we expend into the world should be purposeful enough to pursue a good beyond ourselves. We believe in this pursuit and are dedicated in using our natural skills as teachers, mentors, motivators, and communicators to achieve it.

Families teach empathy, loyalty, understanding, and love. Our workplaces teach structure, deadlines, discipline, and accountability. At the Timmons Group, it is our mantra that these attributes learned in one environment, can indeed, aid us in the other. Historically we have found a reciprocal correlation between homeplace and workplace, whereby the values of home, when applied to the workplace, can and do increase corporate profits. Reversely, if we implement structure and discipline in our domestic lives, we form richer families with stronger bonds.

To this end we are proud to introduce our way of giving back, INfuse, infusing the values of home with the ethics of work, to build more enriched environments. When we help businesses grow, we help communities grow by supporting these benevolent causes.