SHIFT Accountability

At The Timmons Group we have redefined accountability as answerability, liability, ethics, and governance. With urgency, we teach your C-level executives how to keep themselves accountable to company goals and their people accountable to their direct reports. We understand that the desire to count, matters, and the act of excelling is an unrivaled human drive. At The Timmons Group we tap into these underlying motives so that the companies we serve can re-energize their workplace and re-engage their people. How do we do this? Through our new embrace called SHIFT Accountability:

  1. Sincerity – Producing non-judgmental assessments
  2. Honor – Establishing honesty through clarity of outcomes
  3. Interest – Creating an emotional engagement
  4. Focus – Designing, catalyzing, and coaching a focused change process
  5. Training – Ensuring the implementation of accountability, via cultural adherence

Timmons SHIFT Accountability requires experience-based learning environments where all disciplines are practiced through credentialized facilitators, called Shifters. SHIFT Accountability catalyzes the launch of new programs and new hires, while helping to overcome longstanding internal barriers and quelling conflicts, faster. Timmons’ coaching ensures SHIFT Accountability evolution and Cultural Adaptability adherence, protecting from and reducing business encroachments.