Variable Mindset Training

Our process begins with a simple thought – by changing the way your team thinks, we can positively change your business results.

We make this realization true for every client, every day by teaching leaders how to approach the varying attitudes of their associates through our proprietary methodology, Variable Mindset Training or VMT.

VMT carefully assigns and aligns beliefs and convictions as an inclusive connection between both the individual and the company, thus creating a single, achievable objective. This uniquely “human” approach dissects, counts, communicates and assimilates every business vision with authentic human value; every nuance and core strategy building toward a company’s growth. Specifically, VMT focuses on the value of human value and its variances, such that only The Timmons Group connects action with accountability and specific requirements back to responsible actions.

Mindset is the attitudinal influence of human behavior; it is the point of view that inspires mindful action – and ultimately when aligned with business objectives, creates qualities of strength in individuals while producing leveraged equities for the companies that employ these individuals. Yet oftentimes, business leaders and their constituents view mindsets as fixed in their qualities of intelligence and talent.

They’re wrong. At The Timmons Group, we fight against the fixed. We change, we train, we rearrange through Variable Mindset Training, which believes the most basic abilities of human potential truly can be developed via dedication and resiliency.