Growth Suites & Practice Teams

Because we believe in individual growth for business value, we have created Growth Suites, or eight core service channels as proven essentials to business optimization, growth velocity, and sustainability. When aligned with human value, Growth Suites advance your products and services from simply valued, to preferred. Our eight Growth Suites are as follows:

  • Businesses and Sales Coaching
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Workplace Communications
  • Mediating
  • Workshops & Educational Seminars
  • Practice Teams
  • On-Demand Services

You may choose to execute a single service or the entire Growth Suite portfolio. Regardless, when it’s time to perform we will be there intimately and intensely. And in order to achieve this, we have reinvented business consulting using collaborative-coached Practice Teams. Practice Teams are comprised of a unique ensemble of your team members, paired and/or partnered with a Timmons Group initiator.

A Practice Team is defined as “a group of people who share a similar challenge; who interact regularly, learning from and with each other; and who improve their ability to address their challenges together.” At The Timmons Group we believe this type of practice facilitates, fosters, and advances new growth principles and their strategies in the most effective manner possible. Next, Timmons Practice Teams ensure associate and employee buy-in, such that your total investment never seeks a “break-even point,” but rather captures a “break-forward point.” In this way, your employees’ value-consumed is transformed into business value-created, as a positive net contribution toward growth.

Think of our unique Practice Teams as focus groups on action committees – pushing initiatives forward, pushing your business beyond. Timmons Growth Suites & Practice Teams. Transforming Business Through Everyday Practice.

Business & Sales Coaching

Success is a choice, it comes from the decisions we make – the decision to start in the first place, and to hold true using discipline to quell distractions, and courage to overcome obstacles. Coaching is the backbone to business discipline, holding all of us accountable to our commitments, while working through each and every challenge to achieve a unified objective. The Timmons Group keeps commitments. We work to remove disruptions, whether real or imagined, and regain focus, aiding our Clients in reaching their full potential.

We have redefined accountability though a new embrace we call SHIFT Accountability, which re-energizes the workplace and re-engages the human potential within it, while helping to overcome longstanding internal barriers. We coach, we cultivate, we account. And we do this through our coachability assessment profile, DRIVE, which marries culture and accountability to coachability, in order to create growth.

“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice.”

~ Jim Collins, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t


What if there was a process that ensured your successful recruiting and retention efforts, such that you secured the right candidate at the right time, the first time?  Attracting the right talent demands a proven and predictable methodology to test candidates’ intentions, integrity, work ethic, business acumen, cultural fit, and attitude. Whether your recruiting needs require our De-Selection Process or Top of the Top Process, we’ve developed innovative methods to produce best-fit-verified candidates who can prosper in, and on behalf of, your organization.

And we can even accelerate your recruiting. Introducing Team in 21, our recruiting and training catalyst program, decreasing the business learning curve and increasing your new hires’ performance and productivity.

Training & Retraining

Your team can experience hands-on, customized practice team sessions, which engage each employee, moving them beyond their comfort zone and tapping into areas of growth, empowerment and confidence. We train associates through our proprietary methodology, Variable Mindset Training (VMT), which carefully assigns and aligns beliefs and convictions as an inclusive connection between both the individual and the company. VMT focuses on building skills through tailored approaches that include face-to-face, online, and group sessions. Progress is tracked through “Knowledge Proving Quizzes” and the utilization of these new skills in real world applications.

We employ an integrated approach following a mantra of “train-to-retain,” such that an investment in training is an investment in long-term retention. To ensure our collaborative success in this on boarding, training and retaining procedure, we employ ACHIEVE, offering seven benchmarks as predictive thresholds in producing the industry’s most cohesive, efficient and effective team training process.

Because of this The Timmons Group produces an accountable, culturally aligned workforce ­– faster, and with great retention.

Workplace Communications

So where is the communication breakdown? Is it the messenger, the receiver, a simple miscue?  Regardless, miscommunication is an organization’s “silent killer” and one of the most costly expenses for any businesses. Our Workplace Communications services combine training, coaching and what we term, “Practice Wisdom” into a customized approach to address your immediate needs, while proactively improving your business communication patterns and overall performance. Communication takes practice and our Practice Wisdom articulates message conflicts and poor communications ambiguities, and then rearticulates improved communication behaviors through repeated application, exercise and executions. Smart businesses know the value of powerful and precise communications.

“90 percent of all management problems are caused by miscommunication.”

~ Dale Carnegie


When communication breaks down, mediation must intercede. Mediation, properly performed can facilitate equitable mending between associates and place them on the road to understanding the varying perspectives of both parties. Oftentimes, this can be done effectively and quickly through the objectivity of a third party. While other, more complex scenarios, may take longer, requiring communication realignment and clear expectation setting for improved communication patterns between constituents.

Workshops & Educational Seminars

Every company needs energized whether through action, education or collaborative ideation. At The Timmons Group we pride ourselves in our excellence in conducting professional workplace seminars. From motivational to academic and from conversational to instructional, we offer a powerful portfolio or workplace colloquiums. Need specific help with your sales team, or assistance motivating the entire company toward your new vision? Our professional sessions can be custom built, or chosen from a host of proven and popular topics. To ensure all expectations are met, each seminar includes individual pre-assessments to explore and understand specific challenges and objectives, prior to topic and session content development.

On-Demand Services

At the Timmons Group we call transformational growth forward change. This is precisely why current customers, new customers, and referral business owners may all, at one time or another, be a part of our On-Demand Alliance Platform. This exclusive platform was created uniquely to solve challenging, and sometimes urgent, business barriers.
Born from our Variable Mindset Training Growth Suites, On-Demand allows clients to utilize any particular suite at any time to solve immediate or hard-to-resolve issues. Need a half day of listening skills, a full day of lead generation, or an immediate gap filled by recruiting – let us lead with our On-Demand Alliance services. When your business demands it… we’re On-Demand.  The Timmons Group On-Demand Alliance Platform. Creating Value Through the Practice of Business Transformation.