Clients who use any of our Growth Suite Services are rewarded with INCEPT, a free 120 minute engagement across any additional Timmons service category. Why? If you loved our services the first time, we’re convinced you’ll value them even more the second. When we take you on, we take you in with loyalty first. INCEPT, Loyalty Has No Exceptions.


At The Timmons Group, we start with a committed bond that goes beyond a transaction. At The Timmons Group we offer RETAIN our customized retainer-based relationship, whereby your commitment to us is our recommitment to you – represented by a most favored rate, lower than our open market pricing. The Timmons Group -No Excuses. All Accountability. Don’t Just Gain. RETAIN.


Timmons TipCard-This assessment is designed to hold us accountable while keeping clients engaged. The evaluation weighs carefully five attributes of engagement effectiveness, including needs evaluation, friendless, knowledge, expertise and leadership. If the Timmons TipCard assessment rating scores below an 80 percentile regarding total customer satisfaction, we will evaluate and remedy all unsatisfactory issues immediately. This may involve a work re-order or change order, which would be at the sole cost of The Timmons Group. The true purpose of the Timmons TipCard is in keeping our relationship balanced and buoyant, creating an atmosphere of mutual growth and respect.  The Timmons TipCard. Keeping a Balanced Score for The Timmons Group Brand.

15 Forward Guarantee

15 Forward Guarantee- This industry exclusive promise reinforces our philosophical perspective pursuing “the desire to count through human accountability.” If for whatever reason, you are not fully satisfied with the work we have performed, we will immediately initiate an acceptable remedy to meet and exceed your expectations, as well as granting you a preferred rate as a 15 percent giveback on all future Timmons Group service offerings. The Timmons 15 Forward Guarantee. Making the Accountability Promise From Within.