Our Testimonials

Through expert coaching, training & recruiting, exclusively The Timmons Group utilizes Practice Teams and Variable Mindset Training to assign an align beliefs and convictions as achievable connections between leaders, their associates and the businesses they serve.

Bringing Tiffany in is the best thing I have done, and my team will agree. They now see themselves as leaders

Linda Nelson

Founder cab

Over this time (7 years), she has been a meaningful part of our team’s success and growth. Our sale people love working with her, and she has proven herself able to work well with both executives and new associates with ease. We count her and her training program as a major component of our commitment to our team’s professional growth and development.


President The Kingswood Company

She will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be!

Lewis Howes New York Times Bestselling Author

Top 100 Podcast in the World with The School of Greatness

Tiffany very quickly immersed in our business so they could help. It felt like she was was improving us from the inside out.

Scott Heimlich

President: Central Ohio Restaurant Association

Tiffany will make anyone’s company more exciting, efficient, and fun! In this day and age, we need to focus more and more on the performance of our current employee’s and making sure that they are growing inside the company and are being fed quality information and having fun at the same time and we could have never accomplished this over the past 4 years, without Tiffany’s expertise and energies!

Andy Shaffer

President of Shaffer Services

Thank you so much for bringing this opportunity to improve business and our lives!

Ken Reynolds

President Accurate Cargo

Tiffany has worked with us for 10 years, and has been a great asset in training and motivating our sales and management team. She is especially skilled at understanding and identifying a Client’s specific industry needs, while quickly designing and executing an effective plan. From sales and management training to weekly roundtable meetings, Tiffany remains a key business partner for TNT Services and has been vital to our continued success.

Seth Bromberg

President, TNT Services

She is very enthusiastic, very positive, great stage presence, great presentation skills, very engaging, and extremely persistent

J.K. Williams

Secretary Treasurer, The Kirk Williams Company